Welcome to Shantiland

Shantiland is a retreat center in Hälsingland, Sweden, approximately 350 km north of Stockholm. Shanti means “peace” and our goal is to create an oasis for people around the world to meet, relax, get rejuvenated, energized and grow. We offer yoga retreats and various courses within the fields of personal development, well-being and health. Shantiland is an environmentally friendly center promoting sustainability and offering organic meals and proximity to beautiful nature. We organize own retreats and co-host retreats with a network of Shantiland friends, who collaborate with us to create an unforgettable experience for Swedish and international guests alike.

Our Events

  • Övervinn dina mentala hinder

    Övervinn dina mentala hinder

    Övervinn dina mentala hinder med medveten närvaro, yoga och Presence by Art Vad är det som stoppar Dig? Under några intressanta och spännande dagar kommer vi med hjälp av kreativitet, medveten närvaro och yoga att arbeta med de hinder som […]

  • International Karam Kriya Women’s Circle with Shiv Charan Singh & Satya Kaur

    International Karam Kriya Women’s Circle with Shiv Charan Singh & Satya Kaur

    The Karam Kriya Women`s Circle is a meeting of women for women. The event is guided by the number awareness as studied in the Karam Kriya School and includes the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The […]

  • Danskurs med Marina Sjöö

    Danskurs med Marina Sjöö

    Välkommen till en välgörande helg i frigörande dans med Marina Sjöö på Shantiland! Vi kommer att dansa Kroppsdansen, De sju rörelserytmerna, Chakra-färgdansen mm. Vi kommer även att ha Yinyoga, meditation, aromaoljor, samtal och målning. Kom som du är! Alla kan […]

  • Anusara Yoga

    Anusara Yoga

    Come and join our 10th annual 5-day Anusara Yoga retreat – grounded in Anusara Yoga’s Universal Alignment Principles and focused on it’s 3 A’s: Attitude, Alignment & Action. Enhance your yoga and gain greater awareness of body, mind and spirit […]


Guest Testimonials

“I feel that the weekend at Shantiland opened up for new possibilities in my life, which will be very exciting.”
—Gabriella, January 3, 2013

“A pleasant, exciting and rewarding weekend! Fantastic environment and wonderful food. Great set-up of the weekend’s sessions. A lot of love and care. New insights. A big thank you!”

—Eva Z, Dance weekend, July 5, 2015


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