Shantiland is a retreat center in Hälsingland, Sweden, approximately 350 km north of Stockholm. We offer yoga retreats and various courses within the fields of personal development, well-being and health. We organize own retreats and co-host retreats with a network of Shantiland friends, who collaborate with us to create an unforgettable experience for Swedish and international guests alike. Also welcome, are companies wanting to combine gatherings (board/business meetings, kick-offs etc) with elements of personal growth, health and relaxation to treat their personnel in a very unique way, in a beautiful nature setting.

Vision: Our vision is to create an oasis for people to meet, widen perspectives, relax, get rejuvenated, energized and grow.

Mission: Contribute to create conditions for people to live at their fullest potential – both privately and professionally.

Core values: 

Shantiland is a center promoting sustainability and offering organic and vegetarian meals. We have formulated the following guiding core values:

Harmony – Shanti means peace, and we believe that harmony and constructive development – on both micro and macro level – starts with finding peace within oneself.

Health – We believe that a healthy body and heart is as important as a healthy mind. Thus, caring for ourselves, each other and things around us is beneficial for All in both a short and long term perspective.

Happiness – If we can provide a setting, tools and conditions to make people leave Shantiland more happy than when they came, we have succeeded.


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